Terminally Single 003: Betty & Veronica (Archie Comics)

After my picture-book phase and before my interest in short stories, I was obsessed with Archie Comics. I had an entire collection and traded older issues with cousins and friends. Like most children, I took everything at face value. Archie is a popular guy in a small town. Betty is the friendly girl who proved to be talented at everything. Veronica fits nicely into the spoiled rich girl archetype, but still maintains likeable qualities.

Now that I am 22 years old, what has changed about my opinion of Archie comics?

Archie Andrews is the ultimate player! More


What Does Single Mean?

In June, I treated myself to a visit to Chapters book store. I call this a treat because I was in the middle of summer school, and I had no business reading anything that was not mentioned on my class syllabus.

Maclean's June 2012On my way out the door, a magazine caught my attention. “The majority of us are singles. So why do we still live in a couples world?”  I had a wisp of realization. The article was talking about me! Okay, maybe it was not talking ABOUT me, but it was definitely FOR me. I snatched the magazine from the stack and flipped it open.

The entire article is an interview with Brian Bethune, a university professor, as he shares his thoughts and opinions on the stigma of being single. He points out some concerning issues about how society reacts to single people: More

#Reasons Why I’m Single

This morning I browsed through twitter and discovered an interesting topic posted by 99.9 Virgin Radio. They tweeted  #ReasonsWhyImSingle. The responses were both hilarious and embarrassing; unique and expected.

Here are a few of my favourites:

#ReasonsWhyImSingle because it’s not socially acceptable to be in a relationship with food

#ReasonsWhyImSingle because I’m an independent black woman who doesn’t need to rely on nobody

#ReasonsWhyImSingle because I tweet about reasons why I’m single

#ReasonsWhyImSingle because I don’t have a boyfriend.
(….I could only shake my head at this one)

#ReasonsWhyImSingle I’m not blonde

#ReasonsWhyImSingle I wear Crocs More

The Single Sibling Syndrome

No one ever likes to be last.

This is no different for relationships. You don’t want to be the last single person among friends, the last person with a date for prom, or even the last one to get married. The worst is between siblings. It is easy to become jealous of a relationship your sibling has, especially if you don’t have one. Jealousy is just one side effect of something I like to call the Single Sibling Syndrome (SSS). More

What’s New With You?

The boyfriend I wish I had right now. Give it time.


Okay I lied. As much as I would love to say that I have found a man, and can no longer continue the singles blog… that is not the case. However, I have completed the course which began this blogging journey. Let’s take a moment of silence for the end of an amazing class, WRI237:Writing in Social Media – Web 2.0.


Awesome! So what’s next for the blog? After thinking long and hard, I have decided that I want to continue. Apparently there are not many blogs about single life (surprise, surprise!) and I have been encouraged by many people to keep writing. And so I shall. It should be fun to come up with some new material.

Well wish me luck, and I hope you enjoy 🙂

Terminally Single 002: Helga (Hey, Arnold!)

How much is too much?

I am sure that we can all identify with having a school crush. In our young age, we develop a crush and hold onto it as tight as we can. But when does that crush become too much? Someone needed to have this conversation with Helga G. Pataki, a character from Hey, Arnold!  Helga displays numerous unhealthy ways of dealing with affections, and demonstrates everything you should do if you intend to stay single forever. More

Desperation: Just A Hop, Skip & Jump Away

“The trouble is not that I am single and likely to stay single, but that I am lonely and likely to stay lonely.” –Charlotte Bronte

Loneliness.  When I hear that word, I think of solitude, isolation, single, alone, sad, and desperate. Loneliness feeds desperation. Be careful! Desperation can cause the most level-headed people to make the stupidest decisions. Take for example Bachelor Ben Flajnik choosing Psycho Courtney as a wife. I can only account desperation as the reason for Ben’s huge mistake.

Everyone has a breaking point. Luckily I’m not there yet… well I don’t think I am. But it happens. If you are single and longing for a relationship, please be aware of the signs of desperation. More

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