Terminally Single 003: Betty & Veronica (Archie Comics)

After my picture-book phase and before my interest in short stories, I was obsessed with Archie Comics. I had an entire collection and traded older issues with cousins and friends. Like most children, I took everything at face value. Archie is a popular guy in a small town. Betty is the friendly girl who proved to be talented at everything. Veronica fits nicely into the spoiled rich girl archetype, but still maintains likeable qualities.

Now that I am 22 years old, what has changed about my opinion of Archie comics?

Archie Andrews is the ultimate player! More


The Serial Dater vs. The Terminally Single

What are people’s opinions on being single. Some embrace the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Others agree with the analogy that constantly dating just adds more mileage to a used car.

How do you feel about it?