About Me

My friends call me Keekz, and that’s how I’ll sign autographs when I’m famous. I am a University student and this blog began as a course requirement, but I will admit that this is the best course requirement I’ve ever had.

I am a professional doodler.  In grade 7, my talent was first discovered by my math teacher. My ability to turn integers into works of art appalled him. I was excited to take my skills to a new platform. University classes. This proved to be a challenge as the level of distraction increased from professor to professor. Shakespearean theory interrupted my character sketches, linguistics disturbed my dabblings in anime, and Science & Writing killed all creativity.

I will admit that my art has suffered tremendously these past four years. However, I am excited to exercise my creativity in the world of blogging! Feel free to consider yourselves my first test subjects. Make sure you look out for some doodles I may post within my blog.

You may ask… Why a Singles Blog? I ask myself the same question every Tuesday and Thursday. There are few things that I can say I’m an expert in, but being single is definitely one of them. ‘Single’ always sounds like such a horrible word but it doesn’t have to be. I have made it my goal to prove this to you through my blog. So I hope you enjoy!

Found love in a hopeless place

National anthem for Flying Solo: 


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