Terminally Single 004: Taylor Swift

Once upon a time there was an aspiring country pop star from Pennsylvania. She dreamed of fame; she dreamed of money; and most importantly, she dreamed of boys!

She got her fame and her money, but she hasn’t quite found the guy. We certainly can’t say that she hasn’t tried.

Meet Taylor Swift

Now meet the men of her life


Okay so maybe Taylor Swift needs no introduction, but these men sure do:

    • John Mayer
    • Joe Jonas
    • Taylor Lautner
    • Lucas Till
    • Jake Gyllenhaal
    • Conor Kennedy
    • Harry Styles

How does she keep track of them all? Who knows. The point is… SLOW DOWN!

Taylor completely embodies the definition of a Serial Dater. In my post Serial Daters: Single Today, Taken Tomorrow I mention that people need to spend a sufficient amount of time alone before hopping into another relationship. It will help to clear your head and decipher what you are looking for in a person. Without that period of singleness, how will she know what she wants out of relationship? 

I often wonder if she has any male friends. Rarely do we hear about Taylor hanging out with a close guy friend. The tabloids quickly accuse any man seen with Taylor as her new boy-toy.

“Men of Hollywood! Be cautious of Taylor Swift. A friendship with her will cost you a five month relationship.”

Obviously these accusations are taken from what’s on the surface. We need to investigate the root of the problem.

Deciphering Friendships From Relationships

I will admit that my judgment in this field is also lacking. Like Taylor, I have a difficult time gauging boyfriend material from friendship material. However, our decisions swing in the opposite direction. I assume all nice gestures from men are meant to advance our friendship, while Taylor interprets nice gestures as an application for the vacant position of ‘New Boyfriend’. Life requires a happy middle between the hopeless romantic and the romantic pessimist. Some key things to remember (which I will also take into consideration):

  1. Trust men to distinguish the difference between what they are looking for. From what I can tell, most guys are not covert about their intentions. Pay attention, and you will see it.
  2. Evaluate the importance of a friendship before advancing into something more. Is it worth it to pursue a romantic relationship with that person? It could destroy that friendship forever. KNOW what is worth fighting for.

Taylor can write a powerful love song… but she writes an even better break-up song. This is her tragic downfall. Taylor is more valuable to the music industry OUT of relationships than IN them. She literally cannot afford to not be dating. What else would she write about? However, I would never accuse Taylor of attaching herself to men for publicity. Taylor Swift is a just a hopeless romantic. I genuinely believe that she falls for every guy she develops a crush on. A crush does not equal love.

You know that saying, “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”? Who the heck would want to catch flies? I would wait to catch something better, something worth holding onto. One butterfly beats ten flies any day.


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