Surviving Valentine’s Day

As we stumble out of the frigid and often depressing month of January, we leave behind our broken New Year’s resolutions, our credit card payments from Christmas, and wait (impatiently) for the next holiday. February rears its shiny red and pink head over the horizon and showers us with chocolate hearts and roses. Valentine’s Day is coming!


As a single person you may be under the impression that I am anti-Valentines Day. Just to clarify,  I have nothing against what V-Day stands for; I am against what it has become. My concern stretches beyond the commercialization of Valentines. I ask myself, “What  ever happened to discrete romance and intimacy?”

valentines social media

I imagine the death of discretion occurred around the same time as the uprising of social media. However, I am still inclined to believe that romance belongs closer to ‘Personal’ and further from ‘Public’. So unless you are a multi-millionaire with your own intrusive reality show… I don’t want to know what you did for Valentine’s Day.

I can handle hearing about anniversaries which occur sporadically throughout a 365-day calendar. However, I cannot handle the overbearing amount of lovey-doviness which is concentrated into one specific date in February.

My least favourite part is the PDA (Public Displays of Affection) that will be all over the place. It’s impossible to avoid or look away. Watching a couple kiss is like watching a squirrel become roadkill. You know what’s about to happen; you know how it will make you feel when you see it; but you watch anyways.

For all the singles who are wondering how they will survive this Valentine’s Day, here are some tips and things to keep in mind provided by

1) Do not define yourself by your relationship status!

2) Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday

3) Plan well in advance to do something that will not place you in the path of cooing couples

4) Get together with people who do love you – friends, family members, etc.

5) If you are single and you don’t want to be, start thinking about what is in the way of you creating the relationship you want.  Start therapy. Take up yoga. Begin to volunteer. Create art. Make meaning. Act to change the world. It is into the fullest lives that love is most likely to fall.

6) If you are single and you like it, now is the time to affirm your choice. Do not let a couple-driven culture define your choice as something wrong.

As for me, I have yet to decide what I am going to do for Valentine’s Day. But I am awfully tempted to spend the night at XO Karaoke, belting the lyrics to classic love songs.

Not pathetic.


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