The Deal-Breakers

I know, I know… It has been forever since my last post. Honestly, I have no excuses. BUT these last couple of months have opened me up to new thoughts and ideas to share on my blog.

Damn... I thought he was 'The One'

Damn… I thought he was ‘The One’

Before starting, I would like to remind everyone that even though I am single I still have eyes, I still have ears, I still have likes and dislikes. There is nothing wrong with having certain preferences. It doesn’t make me a picky person. A picky person is someone who has requirements, not preferences. Usually these requirements are stricter than a background check for the CIA. If I were you, I would avoid having lists like the one on the right.

Putting requirements aside, sometimes there are deal-breakers that you just can’t get around. You should be able to have these preferences without  assuming the label of being picky. As usual, I will give you some of my deal-breakers so you don’t feel abnormal.


I have always been, and will continue to be a sucker for a nice smile. Smiles are priceless!  That being said, bad teeth are a deal-breaker! If you have bad teeth all I am going to be thinking is: “In that smile are those lips; and behind those lips are crooked teeth. Abort!”

When I say bad teeth, I’m not talking about an overbite. I mean stained-yellow, crooked, pointed, missing, or gapped teeth; much like Austin Powers. He could be the biggest sex-symbol in all of Britain, I still wouldn’t kiss him.


Close your eyes. Imagine you are on the phone with a guy you’ve never seen. You remain unaware of  the colour of his eyes, the definition of his muscles, the tints in his hair, or the pigment of his skin. But somehow it doesn’t matter, because through the phone you hear words laced in husky dialogue, or perhaps even a sultry accent. I don’t think we give enough consideration to the sound of people’s voices.

Once, I met a guy. An extremely hot guy. But as soon as he opened, I was done. Out of my phone receiver spilled a higher-octave male voice, that dragged each word, and laughed in a way which gave me goosebumps. That was a deal-breaker. I could not stand talking to him a minute longer. It might have worked out, if I never talked to each other. Your voice is a natural attraction, which is supposed to evoke desire and chemistry from your opposite. Your body knows what it likes better than you do. Well, my ears screamed NO!


Speaking of primal instincts. Your sense of smell is as raw as human instincts get. I’ve heard about a bunch of studies testing the effects of scents relative to attraction/arousal (supposedly men are supposed to LOVE vanilla based perfumes). Some men can be Chris Hemsworth gorgeous, but if he smells bad all the time… that’s a deal-breaker!

WARNING: Ladies, you cannot accuse a man for smelling bad if it’s only momentary. The truth is… men fart. Men  sweat… a lot and often. You need to grant amnesty in those cases. I was referring to the chronic cases of “something smells funky”. Don’t make your nose suffer through halitosis.

men stink

No one should make you feel guilty for having certain preferences. Having no preference will make you seem desperate (like you will take anyone). I think a healthy rule could be… If you meet a great guy/girl with a personality that clicks effortlessly with yours, that person is allowed to vito one of your preferences.

Give guys a chance, because there really is no such thing as the Perfect Man.


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