Terminally Single 003: Betty & Veronica (Archie Comics)

After my picture-book phase and before my interest in short stories, I was obsessed with Archie Comics. I had an entire collection and traded older issues with cousins and friends. Like most children, I took everything at face value. Archie is a popular guy in a small town. Betty is the friendly girl who proved to be talented at everything. Veronica fits nicely into the spoiled rich girl archetype, but still maintains likeable qualities.

Now that I am 22 years old, what has changed about my opinion of Archie comics?

Archie Andrews is the ultimate player!

He successfully dates both Betty and Veronica, without any repercussions. I can’t believe these best friends fight over the same guy. It’s wrong that they lash out at each other when their anger should be directed towards Archie.

You may be wondering why I have Betty and Veronica as my latest feature in Terminally Single. They obviously have Archie, so they couldn’t be single, right? Wrong! Betty and Veronica may not be flying solo, but they are definitely single. They do not have the complete trust and adoration of one guy. They split his affections and attention 50/50… Maybe even less. That doesn’t sound like a relationship to me. Until Betty and Veronica get over Archie, they are terminally single.

Betty Cooper:

Personally, I’ve always been pro-Betty. She is my all-time favourite blonde. How could you not like a down-to-earth, easygoing, adventurous girl?  But no matter how amazing you appear, there will always be something that hinders your date-ability. Betty’s biggest downfall is that she has been dubbed ‘One of the Guys’. Archie won’t call Betty first to take to a ritzy event, he’ll call Veronica. Betty will be considered for activities like a basketball game or a movie night. How unfortunate. Still, I am proud to call myself Team Betty; and although I feel like Archie should have chosen her years ago… Betty deserves better!

Veronica Lodge:

Veronica Lodge is far from being ‘One of the Guys’. She possesses too much femininity to be shooting hoops or kickin’ back. I would be an idiot to say that I couldn’t see the sexappeal of Veronica. Her hair is prettier than Betty’s hair; Her clothes are more fashionable that Betty’s clothes; and she reeks of confidence and attitude.

However, Veronica  has HIGH MAINTENANCE and DADDY’S GIRL written all over her. I’ve met a few Veronica Lodges in my life and I’ve never understood the appeal they have over men. If most women marry men similar to their fathers, then Archie has awfully large and expensive shoes to fill.

My advice is to be smarter than Betty and Veronica; call out guys who act like Archie! Players are only players because women let them be. If we expose guys when they start playing mind games, they’d have nothing left to do but be honest.

Almost 70 years later, Archie Andrews still has not decided between Betty and Veronica. He needs to man-up and pick ONE woman. But since Archie can never make up his mind, let’s decide for him.


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