#Reasons Why I’m Single

This morning I browsed through twitter and discovered an interesting topic posted by 99.9 Virgin Radio. They tweeted  #ReasonsWhyImSingle. The responses were both hilarious and embarrassing; unique and expected.

Here are a few of my favourites:

#ReasonsWhyImSingle because it’s not socially acceptable to be in a relationship with food

#ReasonsWhyImSingle because I’m an independent black woman who doesn’t need to rely on nobody

#ReasonsWhyImSingle because I tweet about reasons why I’m single

#ReasonsWhyImSingle because I don’t have a boyfriend.
(….I could only shake my head at this one)

#ReasonsWhyImSingle I’m not blonde

#ReasonsWhyImSingle I wear Crocs

Everyone has their own theories about why they are single, and I can honestly say that I doubt looks and weight have anything to do with a relationship status. I mean, haven’t you all seen Beauty and the Beast?

I’ve seen men with ‘faces only mothers could love’ in relationships with pretty women. I’ve also seen ‘large and in-charge’ women with slender, fit men. Appearance is only a minor fraction of the reason. If that’s your reason, you need to think HARDER. Since self-reflection is not a strength for everyone, some people may not realize the true reason why they are single. Often you need to get an outside opinion; ask a friend or family member. DO NOT ask your parents. Parents know your personality but rarely know your dating patterns. Asking your parents will be a toss-up because you will either get completely biased lies, or brutal, unproductive honesty.

I asked a friend, and it may surprise you how insightful friends can be. Friends hear you complain, friends hear you brag, and friends see your reactions. If they have any skills in deductive reasoning, then they will give you a good response for #ReasonsWhyImSingle. There could be one or two reasons, or there could be a thousand. You can either embrace it, laugh about it, or wallow in self-pity. Here’s a guy who has found over 400 reasons why he’s single, and still counting. If you don’t…. have a matching outfit with your dog (#436), live-tweet your entire dentist appointment (#227), or spend an hour online watching cat videos (#162), than you’re ahead of the game.Visit Reasons Why I’m Still Single for the complete list.

I considered including my own reasons, but the truth is painful, especially in writing… on the web… for everyone to see. But in hopes of being an honest writer, I will share two.

#ReasonsWhyImSingle I’m scared of rejection

#ReasonsWhyImSingle I overthink everything

and probably…..

#ReasonsWhyImSingle I blog about being single!

The world won’t come crashing down if you admit these things to yourself or others. In fact, I believe it’s liberating. YOU know the problem. YOU probably know the solution. So YOU can change yourself…. when you’re ready of course!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. atastefortea
    Sep 24, 2012 @ 13:25:27

    I love this post! It’s actually very encouraging! 🙂


  2. Jesse Magallanes
    Sep 28, 2012 @ 10:12:10

    I love this Kaneika! You’re so insightful 🙂
    I’m afraid of rejection too and overthinking is my DOWNFALL!


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