The Single Sibling Syndrome

No one ever likes to be last.

This is no different for relationships. You don’t want to be the last single person among friends, the last person with a date for prom, or even the last one to get married. The worst is between siblings. It is easy to become jealous of a relationship your sibling has, especially if you don’t have one. Jealousy is just one side effect of something I like to call the Single Sibling Syndrome (SSS).

I see this happen all the time to other siblings. Recently, I went out to dinner with some friends and I met a very amusing pair of sisters. One is happily in a relationship and the other is flying solo… a party of one… flat out single (I can say that because I was happy that I wasn’t the only single person there; couples get annoying). Every time one sister mentioned her boyfriend, the other made gestures of shooting herself. I assure you this is a perfectly common reaction. You can almost hear her thoughts, “Kill me swiftly, just get it over with.”

She is one of many sufferers of the Single Sibling Syndrome. It can create feelings of jealousy, loneliness, and hysteria. Oh, and let’s not forget poor judgement.

I blame the Single Sibling Syndrome for Kim Kardashian‘s multiple failed relationships. Her older sister was first to have a child, and expecting another. Her younger sister is happily married, and going into her third year of marriage to Lamar Odom.

Where does that leave Kim Kardashian? First divorced and still trying to play catch up.

And the list grows longer…

It’s a lot of pressure to be the one sister left out. I feel that same pressure all the time. I have a younger brother who started dating way before I did. Now I’ve reached that age where everyone is waiting for me to start a serious relationship; the type of relationship that will become long term, and eventually lead to marriage. I feel like there would be less pressure if I wasn’t the only single sibling. So pretty much… my brother screwed me over.

When you have a sibling that is closer to all these stages, it can get frustrating. You can make a lot of bad choices when under the influence of SSS. Just ask Kim Kardashian. It only took her 72 days to figure out her mistake.

Anyways if you think you may be one of these people suffering from SSS, I want to encourage you. Someone HAS to be last. That’s just how life works. If you have only one sibling then it’s a pretty fair chance 50/50. However, if you have more than one sibling, don’t get upset. The odds were never in your favor to begin with.

So be like me, and just stop caring !  😛


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  1. softballistough
    Jul 09, 2012 @ 12:07:31

    So true about sisters! LOL i go thru that all the time


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